Prodata Weather Systems and EnviroMonitor

PWS is the only UK dealer to have been involved in the beta testing of EM systems in the UK since September 2017 and therefore already has unrivalled knowledge and experience of the new EM product range and software platform. We will be delighted to help with all enquiries and any questions that may not be answered here.

EM availability

June 2017 is the expected launch date for the Enviromonitor range, but this is subject to confirmation. EM is a major new range for Davis and will not be officially launched until primary development is fully signed-off – postponements to the launch date may occur while final preparations, including marketing material etc, for launch are made.

Product availability in the UK is likely to be some 2-3 months after launch. We will aim to have EM product available for shipping at the earliest possible date, but it may take Davis some 4-8 weeks post-launch to build up adequate factory stocks and then there may be a 3-4 week lead-time before new stock orders physically land in the UK.

Do EM and VP2/Vue interfere with one another on the same site?

 Although EM and Davis VP2/Vue stations use the same wireless frequency bands, they also use different wireless protocols. So EM and VP2/Vue systems can coexist harmoniously on the same site without any mutual crosstalk or interference. To be clear, EM gateways and nodes cannot receive data from VP2/Vue wireless transmitters.

EM Warranty

Enviromonitor systems will be sold by us in the UK with the standard 2-year warranty.

Installation, training and maintenance

EM systems typically involve more components and sensors than traditional VP2-type stations. It’s likely to be helpful to discuss proposed applications in detail with Prodata before ordering. Prodata may also be able to offer assistance with installation, training and maintenance – please enquire for further details.