EM Pricing

EnviroMonitor System
EnviroMonitor System

EnviroMonitor continues the established Davis proposition of combining professional features and performance with genuine value for money. We expect that EM will always offer significant savings relative to potential competitor products.

Because every EM installation is likely to be unique (with varying numbers of nodes and almost limitless combinations of sensor types) each installation will typically need a custom quotation, which will be based on the following elements:

  • Per-gateway (£680*) and per-node (£340*) prices;
  • Pricing of the individual sensor complement as required;
  • One all-in data plan annual subscription per gateway, covering mobile connectivity and full use of all cloud platform features – typically £30-35*pm equivalent for 15-minute data updates;
  • Free smartphone apps. Web access to data is also free to all users in possession of the station credentials;
  • Any optional installation, maintenance, support etc services that may be agreed;

* Approximate provisional ex-VAT pricing, subject to confirmation

Please contact us to discuss any proposed installation in detail – we will be delighted to talk through the optimum EM solution for your application and to draw up a detailed quote on request.