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The Davis EnviroMonitor (EM) system is a simple and cost-effective way to get the sensor data you need transmitted seamlessly from your remote field site to the smart device in your hand. The EM system components include:

  • Gateway

    The EnviroMonitor Gateway collects all the essential data wirelessly from the Nodes and pushes it securely to the Cloud server using the mobile phone network.

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  • Nodes

    Nodes connect over a self-optimizing mesh network and transmit critical sensor data to the local EM Gateway. Each node is self-contained & solar-powered and accepts up to four wired sensors.

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  • Weather Sensors

    The full range of Davis weather sensors can be used in an EnviroMonitor system.

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  • Soil & other Sensors

    With EnviroMonitor you can also use many professional, third-party sensors including soil sensors, water level, flow & pressure sensors, with more options to come.

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Mesh Network

EnviroMonitor communicates through a secure self-optimizing, mesh network


A wide range of soil, weather and other sensor types is available for use in an EnviroMonitor system.

Smartphone App

Most aspects of the EnviroMonitor system can be viewed and controlled using a Smartphone.

  • Key smartphone features

    View live data anywhere - Receive alerts and forecasts - Configure EnviroMonitor units onsite.

  • Mobilize dashboard

    Shows snapshot weather readings and sets alert conditions.

  • Two free apps

    EnviroMonitor for on-site configuration & remote health-checks and Mobilize to see data AND forecasts (iOS and Android versions).

  • Mobilize temperature chart

    View recent and forecast temperatures on 7-day chart.

  • EnviroMonitor app

    Configures hardware onsite via Bluetooth & shows detailed system health-checks remotely.

  • Mobilize rain chart

    View recent and forecast rainfall on 7-day chart.

WeatherLink Software

Detailed weather reports direct to your browser.

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