Mobile App

There are two distinct smartphone apps for use with EM systems – EnviroMonitor and Mobilize. Each app is available in both iOS and Android versions and should be free downloads from the Apple app store and Google Play store respectively.

The two apps serve quite distinct purposes, as described below:

EnviroMonitor app

EnviroMonitor app iconThe EnviroMonitor app is used primarily for configuring the Gateway and Nodes when onsite with the system and for associated maintenance tasks such as updating firmware in the units. But this app can also be used for remote viewing of health-check readings for EM installations.

When onsite, the smartphone hosting the EM app establishes a Bluetooth connection with the individual Gateway or Node, which allows configuration of the sensor inputs and the overall EM installation, and also permits e.g. updating of the unit’s firmware. The EM app is intelligent enough to provide detailed wiring information for individual sensor types and installation instructions.

When using the EM app remotely, users can check various operational readings such as battery voltage (the remote units being solar-powered) and various wireless reception parameters. So a complete health-check on an EM installation is possible from anywhere in the world.

Mobilize app

Mobilize App Icon

Mobilize temperature screen
Mobilize temp screen showing forecast

The Mobilize app is dedicated to providing information and alerts for specific practical situations. These may be weather-related, e.g. a general warning of potential frost or wind damage or the possibility of irrigation being needed, or customised to a particular crop type.

Information is presented by Mobilize in two ways: either as text readings or as a 7-day chart. A notable chart feature is that it provides a 3-4 day forecast of key parameters such as temperature and rainfall.

Mobilize is the app to which users are most likely to turn to when out and about because it provides a snapshot of current weather readings on their smartphone, along with alerts of possible adverse conditions over the next day or two.

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